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About Us

At Engenho Café de Açaí, we transform innovation into a unique sensory experience. Founded by Valda Gonçalves da Silva and her husband, our company was born from the passion for açaí and the commitment to sustainability. The idea arose in 2016, when Valda, concerned about the inadequate disposal of solid waste from açaí agro-industries, decided to investigate a way to reuse açaí seeds. After extensive research and testing, we have developed a pioneering technique to produce coffee from these seeds, creating a tasty and environmentally friendly product.

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Our mission is to lead sustainable transformation in the food industry, using natural resources responsibly to create innovative products that enrich people's lives and promote the economic and social development of the communities where we operate.


To be recognized internationally as a pioneering brand in sustainability and innovation, inspiring positive changes in the way business is conducted, with an ongoing commitment to quality, ethics and positive social impact.

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Our fundamental values are sustainability, always seeking responsible environmental practices; innovation, through the continuous search for new solutions; quality, maintaining high standards in all products and services; ethics, acting with honesty, transparency and respect; and social impact, promoting the well-being and growth of the communities where we operate.

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