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Discover the exclusive flavor of our Açaí Seed Coffee, an innovation that combines sustainability and pleasure in each cup. Produced from açaí seeds, our coffee is an ecological and delicious alternative to traditional coffees.

Main Features

Sustainable Origin: We use açaí seeds, which would otherwise be discarded, transforming them into a tasty and environmentally friendly drink.

Unique Flavor: Açaí Seed Coffee has a smooth and slightly sweet flavor.

Rich in Antioxidants: Maintains the nutritional benefits of açaí, being an excellent source of antioxidants that help fight free radicals.

Caffeine Free: Ideal for those looking for a less stimulating drink, but still want to enjoy delicious coffee.

kit 6 Packs - Engenho açaí coffee 250g

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Kit with 6 packages - Engenho açaí coffee 250g.

    Ingredients: 100% roasted and ground açaí seeds.

    Unit weight: 250g

    Preparation method: Use 1 to 2 tablespoons for every 500ml of water. Prepare in a coffee maker, French press, or paper strainer.

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